Litter Launcher!

This game is less of a game, and more of a test to see if I could make it. This is Kayden, He loves nature and always wants to help the environment, but overtime, simply picking up trash has gotten boring. So how do you fix this? Kayden Can Kicker is a game about kicking a Can into the Recycling bin. but, if you try to put a crushed Can into the recycling bin, you fail the level! Try not to crush the Cans!
Controls: A, D, & Spacebar. run up to a can to kick it. if you step on a Can, it crushes.
Good luck Kayden! Thanks for playing (:


Will try it out now! Sounds cool!

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Thanks! If you see text on the screen rn, thats just me getting the fail text ready, Thanks for playing!

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Just played it, actually rly fun! Looking forward to more levels.

Thanks! Ill make some more soon! Glad you enjoyed.


Funny Screenshots:

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lol he will never get the kan,

o wait, he got the kan

(also sneak peek for new level)

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So… you’ve made a game that can be abbreviated as KKK…? Great…

wait whats kkk, Idk what that is


ty (:

Not sure why you have to see the downside of the title, but okay. I thought it sounded kinda cool and its kinda catchy, “Kayden Kan Kicker”.

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The KKK is a bunch of racist idiots in the US

ohh. one sec

DOne! Its not Kaden Can Kicke- wait now it sounds like “Kaden Can Kick Her” GOD why does naming have to be so difficult. Whatever im leaving it like that.



tbh i never noticed until you said that XD

lol f

You could call it Litter Launcher, lol.