Little Weevil, Big World

Hi! My name is Teddy, and I’m working on my first game :slight_smile:

It is an adventure game following a little acorn weevil on his long journey to touch the stars. It is inspired by a dream I had. I’ll be posting/ updating here as I learn flowlab’s block coding system and shape it into the game that I’ve been imagining.

Feel free to poke around the code in the meantime and leave tips/ tricks for making things cleaner or smoother, as I am a beginner and this kind of help is very much appreciated! Questions about the game are also welcome.

I look forward to sharing this experience with you! :slight_smile:


Here is the current draft of the game:

I am currently working on a version that is much more streamlined and makes more sense code-wise. In the meantime, this version will be used as a sandbox for learning. Feel free to poke around!


Hi beetles! Just a quick update on where I’m at with the first level!

At this point, the level can ALMOST run without a hitch! I am working on smoothing out final issues with the most important aspects of the game- I.E. dialogue and delivering items- while also finishing on the bigger final projects like creating cutscenes and figuring out how to add sound.

The longer I work on this, the more I love it. It’s definitely a passion project for me and I cannot wait to share it with you all :slight_smile:

Also, sometime in the next month I will most likely be posting a link for people to test out the first level! I’m going to consider it “released” despite the fact that this will act more like beta testing, as after fixing any initial problems I also plan on sharing it to some friends and family who have been following the project.

Thanks for reading, and remember to always reach for the moon!



  • New title screen/ screenshot

  • Fixed mechanic for opening bag

  • Added VIP room

  • More progress on OST/SFX

  • Opening cutscene almost fixed

Check out the new title screen! :slight_smile: I’m using plants native to my area to decorate the levels.

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why is “world” not outlined in white too

Its going to be! Right now its slightly off center and it was already a pretty tedious job to outline the rest of the words without recentering so I’m going to finish that later!

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In my opinion it looks really tacky when people use varying pixel sizes in the same drawing, the art would be made way better if it was all consistent

I understand where youre coming from, but I was simply posting this as an update! This is far from the end goal, but my concept was to create the illusion that the objects around the weevil are larger than life. I hope you’ll keep following the development!