Logic connections disappear in character behavior + huge lag

well i was trying to make ramps work with capsule hitbox on my caracter. searched some games with examples, then i found out u can hit ctrl+shift+D to see hitboxes. web page crashed after like 5 second i use this feature.

after restart all connections in character logic disappear + now its lags when i try to play the game while i see character behavior. all seems work as it was. like double jump and dash mechanic are ok, but i dont see connections and cant create new ones. i can create new blocks and delete it, but still cant connect.

how to fix that?

sry forgot link

FIXED: i closed all flowlab tabs then opened site again, went in my games, clicked edit and its ok again! seems like just reloading tab isnt working, u need to close flowlab entirely.

god i pooped my pants.

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The hitbox viewer uses a ton of resources and has plans to be redone in the future.
I really suggest to use is on small levels to test the hitboxes.