Logic Gate Bug or Skill Issue?

In the level Forge, I’m having an issue where the animation of the Big Chungus car is only supposed to play and stop under certain circumstances ordained by the Logic Gates. This is not working, and the animation plays whenever the player moves. Please help me.
Flowlab Game Creator - Taile Gamougg 4 Delta

What are the circumstances?
Looks like you should set the keys to repeating for the gate.
And you’re using the same keys as the player…

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I’m trying to make the car’s animation only play when the player is touching it AND the player presses any of the three left or three right movement buttons (arrows, AD, and \ and Ctrl)


Well if that’s the case, then try using a proximity and a nor to detect when the player is touching it.

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Thank you! This worked. Have a great day!