Logic gates are having different outputs based on the location of the input block. Grazer, please.

Yes it’s me again, with another problem.

So, im trying to make it so when the rock miner doesn’t detect any more small or large rocks, it gives a output. But when I use a NOR gate to output when there’s no input, it outputs even when there is still a input.

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Might be my mistake, and I could just make a custom NOR gate, but my game is already laggy as it is and I don’t want to have to add unnecessary lag.

@ToastMaster64 I am also having issues with nor gates, it just started today as far as I know. Also I like your youtube profile picture :wink: https://gyazo.com/07f66f46c9a886c87856077bf434a89f

ya lol

can we get a couple other people to test this out?

When I try it, the NOR gate doesn’t activate until there are no rocks.
It works fine for me

Welp @“JR 01” it doesn’t seem to work for me or caleb, have you tried it with your own game?

Now that you I’m looking back at it, its doing what your describing.
The weird bug is that it’s fixed whenever you just move the gate.
Like don’t change or disconnect anything, but just only drag the behavior

After moving it, you may be able to just move it back to where it was, its kinda a weird bug and should be fixed after this.

WOW @JR10 that made even WORSE, now it’s outputting when there’s still 2 inputs!


@grazer ?

In my game, the NOR gate is just always outputting whether it has an input or not.

The NAND gate and XNOR gate don’t work either.

Try moving the small rock collisions too
and ig in a way to where the cords aren’t bending too much.
Its not supposed to act like a cinc in a water hose.
Moving a few things around eventually gets it to work for me.

Mine still didn’t work after trying to move it around. (sigh)

Hey @“Caleb Strawberry 3”, post a link to your game and I’ll see if I can do anything.


@“JR 01” still doesn’t work

rq, try moving the small rock collision to the left side of the whole set

This is actually not a bug. What youre seeing here is how the engine actually doesnt do multiple inputs simultaneously, but prioritizes the upper-left most input first. Thats why your logic is acting a little unexpected.

Ah, so that’s why it works when I only move behaviors to a specific spot

He couldn’t get it to work where ever he moved it, so we solved the problem by adding me to move it where it works.