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I have decided to make logo’s for free! I am not the best at making logo’s, but I can try! I have decided this because my school blocked flowlab! This is a very sad day!

If you want me to make a logo, please fill this out…




Overma Games



Colors: Pink and Cyan

Shape: Star

Other: Put DD in the middle outlined with light green.

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@00T_Free, this good? Any changes you want me to make?

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Could you add an effect coming off of the back of the star

(like a coma from a comet)

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I am not too sure if this looks good, like i said, I am not really good and might mess it up… but… here it is…

Looks alright to me, thanks!

Could I have the png though?

Yes… I just figured I would take screenshots until it is done…

Please give your rating!

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Anyone else want a logo?

Sample Logo’s



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what are you using to make the logos?

THAT IS A SECRET!!! Actually, google drawings.

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Here, @00T_Free, I am not sure if this is better, if you do not want it thats ok too…

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That’s even better in my opinion, thanks!

u guys do know that when u upgrade on wix u get free pro logo maker? beaniesbugs.com (i didnt use that 4 mine but if u want i can do one 2 :))

Did you make that website?

ye lol :slight_smile:

Are you trying to take over MY job??!! If so, you have to use adobe spark. It’s better, lol.


how do u know? hav u ever tried my pro website logo maker? lol