Longer Animations

I understand that animations often take up a lot of memory however, if it is possible, it would be great if we could make longer animations. One of the current issues regarding the animation option is that you can only make a certain amount of frames before the plus and minus buttons starrt to travel off-screen. I think this issue could be resolved using a scrollbar to scroll across so that it can reach any frames if need be. Being able to animate cutscenes would be great for games and I personally think it would be implimented in a lot of different games but again I understand that animations can take up a lot of memory so I understand if you would not be able to impliment this feature but I personally would be greatful if you could.

Thanks for reading this request!

There’s a trick to make longer animations by zooming out the page and then opening the sprite editor.

I agree there should be a scrollbar though. It’s very confusing to new people when they see they can’t add/remove frames anymore.

Since all the frames have to fit on the same sheet of paper, “a sprite sheet”, depending on the size, you’ll run out of paper really fast, then the frames off sheet won’t load. For small objects, I could see adding more frames. Maybe a smart frame counter that decides a limit based on sprite size.

You could do what I did with the intro in DRIVE. That animation is actually several sets linked together by last frames and timers

Still i persoanlly think it would be better if there was an animation bar and this method while it does work, is complicated and will take a very long time to do with longer cutscenes given how short the animation frame length is