Looking down mechanic

Hey i’m very new with Flowlab, but I am working on a small platformer rn.
I would like to add a camera mechanic, where the camera moves down a certain amount while pressing a key and when releasing the key, it moves back to the standard setting.

Is there an easy way to implement this?

use the camera input move y

This should work:


Depending on how your camera is used, I want to suggest have and expression before the position bundle that’s “A+B”. A being the position your camera is supposed to be at. And B is the offset of where you want the camera to be at compared to where its suppose to be. This is always nice to do if you want to use and ease block, with the ease values going into B.

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Thank you so much! It’s really helpful. Although I am not sure how to make it work with my additional camera set up, but it is probably a small thing I am not thinking of.- Maybe its easier to just take a look:

Perhaps this example could be applied to a platformer?

Already done

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