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Hello, all! This is rcreger from Plymouth Entertainment, and I’ve run into an issue. There is absolutely no royalty free (to be able to be used for commercial use) music that is fitting for my game at the moment, and my resources are quite slim. So, I’m looking for anyone who’d be glad to be able to create a few quiet, ambient pieces that could work in several gameplay situations. This is basically the criteria:

  1. Nothing to excited. Slow, a bit melancholic sounding. Piano with a quiet cello could work.
  2. Though not excited, it’d be great if the music could easily be able to flow into a combat situation.
  3. Having a lo-fi sort of sound, very thoughtful and organized, with a clear melody.

Your work will be credited appropriately, if not heavily, in return for the pieces. The song name, and the artist, will also be displayed in the credits of the game (Sol).

If you want to give this is a shot, please give at least one example song of your expertise in music development and theory, preferably if it shows ambient qualities in itself.

Thank you guys in advance! I don’t typically do this, but I’ve run into a halt, so any help (even tips for ambient chords!) would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Hey, I could help if you’d like. I could post some examples below once I get on a pc.
(though i don’t know if i count as very experienced)

example 1

example 2

example 3

these are just some ones I made for my own games

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Hey @F3Art ! Thanks for responding, and with examples!

Example 2 seems to be the strongest in what I’m looking for, with that lonely feel to it. All the differences can be found in the criteria. The main thing is to have a sort of melody within it, to make it sound a little interesting for the player. I’d also suggest making the piece(s) around 1-2 minutes, if you can, to reduce repetitiveness.

Also, Example 3 sounds sick! It had a great sound to it. Though, definitely not the tone for Sol lol

Thanks for showing interest!

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You’re unlucky, i just sold my piano and i composed a music fitting your requirements…

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But i got one for you:

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I’ll be able to listen to this a little later, thanks for submitting!

Alright, I took a look at it. Though it sounds pretty good, it doesn’t seem to fit right with the tone of Sol, which is a lot quieter and lonely (and slower). But great work on the piece!

thanks(20 characters)

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@rcreger i may have one who would fit
Song name: Lonely soul

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I actually like this one! It would suit very well in one of the nightmare sequences/dark tunnels. Though I do want to make a few edits. Can I use this song, but edit it a bit so it will fit a bit more? You will still have full credit, since the edits will be pretty minor, and it will just say that it has been edited from the original.

Its ok, I made it for you, and btw, could you listen to this one? I think its even better:
Called it: Vøid

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(Its actually unfinished)

I like this one too XD I’ll use this one, too. I’ll have to edit it as well, to have more diversity and to have it a little longer, too.

Just saw it’s unfinished, you can resubmit, just letting you know it sounds pretty good so far:)

If you reply and I don’t get back to you, I’m probably at work, so just know I might be away for the next 6-7 hours.

Yeah its almost done wait a minute :slight_smile: (and its normal i have experience in sounds, im a “retired” pianist (because of over-homeworking)

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I’m done!
edit as you wish
Don’t forget, song name is Vøid

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I’ll take a listen when I’m off work. And don’t you worry, I’ll keep the song names in the credits as well:) thanks for taking to make these, really appreciate it!

And? how is it?(20 chars)

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I took a listen, I really like the tone of it! (sorry for the late reply, I didn’t have access to my stuff for a bit) I’m gonna use it for Sol once I start putting more music. Thanks for the hard work!



Do you need battle music? I could make some for u.

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Not my first time.

if u use it plz credit btw.

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