Looking for music?

If I find the time I’ll happily compose music for you! Just ask? I don’t bite (hard) :smiley:

I can only do music one person at a time, I’m not good with multitasking… Don’t expect much, I just started with this and I’m inexperienced, BUT you can ask emerald gamer (call 911) for his opinion because I composed for him…

If you decide to use what I give you, please credit me and don’t sell it!

Yeah he does an AMAZING job i mean the closest i can get to that is beep boop bop!
His music that he made for me is like a professional guy from nintendo did it!!!

thank you!

Do you think you could do some 8-bit,futuristic sounding music for my game?Thx!

I Will work on it!

Sorenof; I have your music ready… I kinda messed up when I tried to make both themes… They are kinda the exact opposite… But here https://www.dropbox.com/s/rqqvkk84cv4bjom/free%20music%203.m4a?dl=0

Thx!I will credit you in the game!Ur awesome!


Hey dude, heard you music and I must say, it is cool!

I was wondering if you could do an 8Bit background song, futuristic and space-ey if that makes any sense. I would really appriciate it. Thx

I won’t be able to get to it in a while… Things “happen” sometimes