Looking for someone to help make my game

Heya! I’m looking for a few people to help me with this tycoon game I’m making. It’s gonna be similar to my hit game: ‘Ore tycoon’, but with a revamped art style and just more stuff in general. If anyone is interested, please reply to this post and I’ll add you to my group.


hm? what do you mean by that?

Well the word portfolio means a collection of works in whatever career medium you are working in. This situation would be game dev.

I added the question mark to signify I was asking a question, which means I was asking for a portfolio.

The reason I ask this is because nobody wants to work with someone who has no experience and will give up later on. I’m not claiming that this is you, but it happens so often it might as well be.

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I’ve been coding A.I and multiplayer games on scratch for over 7 years before I moved here. I had over 300 followers and was super popular.

Is that a good portfolio?

they want to see your games on flowlab

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it’s called “Ore tycoon”

send us a link

just going to tell you that being famous on flowlab is much harder than on scratch, despite us having less people our skill ceiling is much higher

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I know. can’t you just search it up on flowlab?

Can’t you just send the link here?

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Not really. Scratch is completely different than Flowlab. That’s like comparing C# to JavaScript.

Also 300 followers isn’t really ‘popular’ in today’s media standards.

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I’m on a school laptop, plus, I have an important link on my clipboard right now, so I can’t replace it.

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Step 1: open the ‘important’ link that is on your clipboard
Step 2: go back to Flowlab
Step 3: copy and paste the game link
Step 4: go back to the important website of your’s and copy the link

This takes 30 seconds…

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can’t you just search it up? I don’t want to have to explain the full story…

Personally this makes me not want to work with you. The immaturity and level of respect you have given me in this conversation isn’t professional enough for me or anyone sensible to want to help.


ok, ok, I’ll get the link: Flowlab Game Creator - Ore tycoon

what do you think? do you like it?