Looking for someone to program 4 levels of a platforming related to upcoming music releases.

Hi FlowLab community! My name is HighSchool Jacob and I am an indie pop artist based out of Los Angeles. During these quarantined times I thought that giving people a game that people could play in relation to my music/artist project in general would be a great way to remotely engage with fans.

I was wondering if anyone here with more experience than me can collaborate with my art team and I as we get set to make some simple yet engaging platformers.

My email is highschooljacobmusic@gmail.com and you can find me on instagram at highschooljacob.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from some of you!


Hello Jacob,
I am an indie game developer who also uses Flowlab. If you could be more specific about what game you would like, I’m sure I can make something for you! Would you like a game that is music oriented or music that is game oriented? By that I mean, something like geometry dash where you cannot play the game without the music, or something like Terraria where music keeps the game feeling alive?

Also would you be able to provide examples or demos of what type of art/music your create?
As well as the terms and licencing that is with your art?

I have an option for you @highschooljacobmusic89 .
There is a new option on Flowlab titled the Coop Games, where people can make games as a group, together. Mostly newer users use it to improve each others games, but I could gather a few elitists to make you a game like nothing the internet has seen before. (I guess corona’s not the only thing bringing people together! lol)

@“Johnny boy” (Head)

@Eric_Matyas (Head)
@“The Kodex”

@“JR 01”

Programmers won’t get a head because we all work pretty well together anyways.

@seamothmaster45 is a relatively new user, with about a year under his belt. Pretty nice guy and creative.

@todorrobot has been here for quite a while. He makes minigames mostly but every now and then comes up with something that will blow your socks off!

@“Johnny boy” is everywhere. He can do almost anything decently, and pretty charismatic.

@PixelPizza won the first Flowjam, which is a worldwide game competition for FlowLab. Very good at art and storylines, not so much with coding.

@Eric_Matyas is a professional artist and soundtrack developer. He will be the best to go to for art.

@“The Kodex” is also a new user. He has some friends among us and has made numerous decent games. Still pretty new, but not at all bad.

@Crigence is very good at programming and at art. He made a pretty accurate replica of Super Mario Bros., but sadly retired to pursue Unity. However, I am pretty sure some of us are still in contact with him and can bring him back from the dead!

@“JR 01” is one of the oldest users, besides myself and @Crigence. He runs a Discord Server for flowlab and is a moderator here on the forum. JR has a game published on the app store already!

Latif has programmed the third most complicated game and has the most popular game in the whole community. Not very active anymore, but he’s basically a diamond in the dust.

Then there is me. I made the only sandbox on here, which is a replica of Terraria, the second most complex game on flowlab, and I also have the highest rated game in the whole community, Galaxy Trek. I script as well as block code.

These are the most active and the best people on the forum and in the community. I’m sorry if i missed some people, but these are most of us. Say “I’m In!” if you want to help @highschooljacobmusic89 in his development.
I already know this is going to happen, so I may as well say it. Sorry @PixelPizza for being harsh, that was kind of trashy by me.

I’m probably in. I’m not just a designer, i’m also a programmer too.

I said everyone’s strongest point @“Johnny boy” .

Oh ok

thanks @meburningslime I really appreciate that you would mention me for something like this!

NP lol

Hi sorry just saw this was expecting an email but meburningslime told me to come here.

Here is what I was envisioning… ahem…

I will be releasing 4 singles over the next few months for my artist project called HighSchool Jacob.

The single artwork for these new releases is based around old school video game advertising, as I am an avid gamer and love the art of the medium.
I was speaking with my branding team and we decided that a cool way to expand on this idea would be to release a level of a game corresponding to each single as it releases. That way people have something to do if we are still quarantined lol. All of the artwork is done and they can be found at this link below. The soundcloud link to the corresponding songs is below.


(please note that the artwork titled “Stacey” corresponds to the song called “Layla”)

I am looking to have four levels of a platformer where the blue man with glasses is the controllable character (a Mario kind of deal) [the blue man is a cartoon version of me haha], where each level has the esthetic and feel of the song and its corresponding artwork. I can then provide an 8-bit sounding version of the song to function as the background music (ie how the music shifts when entering hacking sequences in Nier Automata). I found flolab and thought it would be cool to make my own levels, but I want them to be good and challenging enough to justify them as an actual way to spend some time (I love games to much to make a bad one lol). So here I am reaching out to actual designers to see if we can collaborate and make some cool levels that really incorporate the esthetic and the feel of the art and sounds.

I make alternative pop music and have always looked for cool ways to include independent art and artists in my work. Here is an example in the form of a music video I released to kick of the project.


One quick thing I wanted to mention is I want to try and stay away from traditional 8-bit looks if possible as I feel like it will help make the games stick out. The more we can emulate the style of the art the better.

Anyways thats the gist and I would love to hear if you are interested!

Thank you!

basically Im just looking for a fun platformer that matches the esthetics of the songs/artwork. I would provide the music that would play in the background.

I want it to be complex and fun as well as a fun way to promote the songs.

If that link doesnt work for the music try this

the soundcloud link is not working on this platform. can i email it to you?

No, just give us a link. Sorry!
Anyways, like the idea, I think we can run with it.
@grazer will have to do a few tweaks on the sprite editing platforms (if he has time LOL), but I think your army will have at least a beta by the end of the quarantine, aka a few weeks.
I don’t have much spare time RN, but I will be able to assist the coders and start a group. I am thinking of a Dev name of FlowSchoolers, to combine our names!

ok! whats the budget looking like?

Also what games are we looking to reference?

Like dark souls or what??? lol

Also, I can provide the link to the psd files where all of those assets appear distinctly.

Here is that link…

Here’s a DB link to the singles…

A tentative order of the releases is
Stacey (name is Layla in the DB)
Die 4 U
Not Worth Dying 4 (that is the darkest of the 4)
Open Sickness


I’m just a tad hurt you didn’t mention me but I guess I haven’t been to active recently, so far play.


I’m literally listening to some of your music right now, I like it! I’ll add it to my playlists definitely.

Anyway I’m a bit late to the party but I would LOVE to work on this project, I’m a great artist, but I’m pretty good at logic and level design.

I’ve been part of flowlab for over a year and worked on plenty of games and demos myself and would love to work on this!

I’ve been using flowlab for around 7 years and apparently I’m not one of the oldest, nice.

Anyway, I really like the art @highschooljacobmusic89. It looks great. Haven’t listened to the music yet, they also don’t seem to work. I would love to help creating the game if anyone has started already. I’m kind of a lazy person so no promises.

@meburningslime I used to be one of the most active users here. Times have changed, and the community as well. I still check out the forum a lot, almost every day, but I don’t really feel like commenting as much as I used to.

Hey all so just as an update the songs can be found here.

I trust that you know this is all confidential at the moment.

Here is an example of one of the songs I produced in an 8-bit style. I just did it today to provide some more material etc.

Just as a head count who is working on this and not? Also I need to have some sort of idea of budgets/deadlines if we’re going to move forward. I’m very excited, but just want to make sure we stay organized!

Firstly, i don’t remember ever saying i left for Unity. Secondly, Old Super Mario Bros isn’t really a good example of my work, i’d recommend looking at Bounce Jam instead: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1115539

Thirdly, iv’e been working on games to the side for a while now. Although my main focus is on my YouTube channel Crigence n’ GWAG: https://bit.ly/323c6hE

But still, i’m willing to work on this project in-between videos assuming everyone wants me to work on it: In short, I’m in! @highschooljacobmusic89

@“my_name (<_>)” sorry!

@Crigence I forgot about the obnoxious prideful stuff…