Looking for the people who still play super ballers!

Alright, I really would like to know the opinions of the active players in super ballers. I’ve seen it gain 5 - 10 plays per day and I have no idea who plays it. I want to know how often you play it and if adding an online 1v1 would be worth it.


I didn’t see this topic before, but your review is up on the ramshackle reviews thread. I went over pretty much everything you asked here

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I’m mainly looking for the few people who play it every day, it gets a few plays every day and I don’t know where they come from.


There are a lot of people on the website that don’t know or just don’t participate in the forums. I’m guessing it’s people looking for a new game to play!

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i played it yesterday trying to see how an advanced ai would work even though i wasn’t going to use it or anything i still thought it was cool

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