Looking to pay someone to help me finish my game

Hey guys! I’m looking for a team mate that want to help me expand and finish my game. My plan is to export it for ios / android and try to make money with it. I am offering %15 of ownership or i can pay per $10-$60 per new implementation.

Here is a list of some things i would like to implement:

-Add a main menu to save/load
-Correct shooting mechanic
-Add power ups, like new guns, speed and a shield
-Get the on screen buttons to work
-Create a grab components so the player can grab rocks.
-Fix a “health bar” to show the 3 different rock types.
-Fix the van player movement mechanic and rocket animation
-Make the level flags point to the planet
-Aid me in making more planets to land on
-Make the van suck in rocks and reflect the number in the correct “health bar”

check the game out here-

I bet most of the people here would be willing to do most of those things for free, most of them seem pretty simple to implement.


someone’s boutta make lots of money, I can help, I got decent art and coding skills, but @BradenS Has better coding, so hire that guy


I don’t have a bank account, but I’d help for free.