Looks like I'm helping make the soundtrack for ASTRONN.!

Did you guys know I can make music? I didn’t. I literally never make songs or anything other than lazy concepts. Just got home, had to take a dump, bored, so I pulled out my phone, and made this banger. Didn’t expect it to turn out so good, but my leg is falling asleep so I gotta stop here lmao. Have a listen. I absolutely plan on working on this song until I consider it finished and good enough to upload to my YouTube channel.

EDIT: Here’s the final version, just in time for @PixelPizza to meet his ASTRONN. deadline.
Yup, turns out I’m helping make the soundtrack for ASTRONN., and I can’t believe I managed to pump this song out in only a few hours. Glad I don’t have to work in the morning, today.

Here’s the official unofficial music video just uploaded to my main channel!

Make sure you’re wearing earphones. Phone speakers suck.
Music always sounds best with good earphones or car speakers.


I’m so happy to have you on board! The song is amazing :ok_hand::sparkles:

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Nice work @Mhx_Aîr - the song has a great feel, and I think it really fits the game well. This game has great potential as well.


Dude @Mhx_Aîr this is awesome! Although some parts felt like it was just repeating over and over, but it would sound really good in a fast paced mini game like Astronn.

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@ManiacPumpkin Progressive repetition is part of the genre. You’ll find that the more electronic songs you listen to, the more common you realize that songs are a series of slightly changing loops, with things added or taken away at bar intervals, with occasional transitions between bars. This is just how nearly all electronic songs work, including even bands and songs with lyrics.

Yeah, that’s why I said that it would sound better in a game than to just listen to. I hope you don’t take that the wrong way, I really love the song, but these forums don’t express emotions to much unless we use emojis which half the time I’m too lazy to use. Lol

I wouldn’t have given you a heart reaction if I thought you were being insulting lol, no worries

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Okay @Mhx_Aîr thanks

Also, I just realized that I used a lot of replies today and might get a 24 hour spam block soon. Lol.

Wow, that’s really cool! If your ever looking for more work I can always use someone with as much talent as you! (no pay!)

I did it for PixelPizza as a favor for a friend, even though he offered to pay. He had a deadline for today, so I did everything in my power to barely make it in a few hours lmao. I’ve known a handful of flowlab users since 2013, so it goes without saying that they’ve become as close of friends as any irl, and have a lot more sway for my favor. Also, ASTRONN is a beautiful game so far, and I would be a fool to not jump on that bandwagon to see where it goes. I’m very interested in seeing how his game progresses.

I saw this post last night just when you posted it. glad it went to astronn, fits it great.

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what did you use to make this

@Mhx_Aîr I totally get it, and I just thought it would be nice to ask because I didn’t know if you were looking for work or not.

@glithctyrus I usually use FL Studio to make music.

@Mhx_Aîr sad cromebook user noises

@glithctyrus Buy FL Studio Mobile then. It’s pretty great and compares well to the current desktop model, minus the plugins and versatility. The best part about FL Studio Mobile, is it’s extremely cheap compared to $1000 DAW PC programs. You can use it on most phones and tablets, including Chromebook.

ill see if I can get it

damn. Wish I could have someone make some OST for my game. Gg dude!

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WOW @Mhx_Aîr , sounds great, LOVE IT :smile:

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@Mhx_Aîr That’s kind of disturbing that you just flat out say you “had to take a dump” kinda gross actually know one really wants to know this and if your going for humor than you have discussing sense of humor