lots and lots of bugs in one game


Bold numbers are the most noticable okay... so a lot of bugs that I've seen in one prodject. heres the link The game im talking about 1. animations are jacked up sometimes... take a hit and you will see what i mean when you respawn 2. behavior bundles dont show up in the menu... rendering them useless 3. when you try to fix the animation bug... it only makes it worse..... 4. (extremely rare) enemies go the opposite direction.... 5. when too many changes are made, the editor freezes, forcing you to refresh the page and redo the changes you made 6. when you upload a sprite into flowlab... and then erase it and make a different image, when you refresh the page, the change isnt saved, even after testing the game or some other action that causes it to save. 7. ( in the mobile version) The .APK file uses the desktop version rather than the version I specificly made to fit it (this also applies to tower climber ) im having a somewhat hard time getting answers and solutions @grazer

Hey JngThree, I’m working on the sprite & animations editor - I know these bugs are annoying but most of them should be hammered out in the next release.

@grazer, okay thanks… But what about the behavior bundles? I need those as a enemy A.I template.
also what about the Mobile version. (the one that you copied) I know people don’t do this regularly, but I might try putting this on Google play. I’ll credit you and even might throw in a link to this sight and see if I can’t help you out a bit. The engine is truly amazing!

I forgot to list one more, any apk files that Have parallax will have the background cut off and on.

hey, I set the parallax to 100 until its fixed