Luca's Tale

Its been a while since I’ve done much here. I’ve been learning more about art concept and sprite design! I’m putting my newly learned skills to the test with this game. This is a working progress and is in its Beta stage. I’d just love to get some feed back of how it looks so far. Use the arrow keys to move, the S key to slash, and the D key if the action icon shows up.

Very nice sprite designs!
It looks great so far, let me know if you need in help with the behaviors.

the game looks incredible, very nice sprites and animations

I think this looks amazing! It looks like it was more to be meant to look amazing than to be played with though. Maybe start thinking of a story to go with it, eventually. Also, did you actually make these sprites? They are awesome!

you can send it to my review discussion but i played a bit so, far so good!

This will be a hard one to review @lolpinkshep , since it looks to be just really nice looking sprites right now.

@rcreger legit

@rcreger Yes, this is all my work. Much appreciated everyone! @lolpinkshep When I incorporate the story and flesh out the world more, Ill send it your way for sure!

When it is done/ready, what do you think of a review from me as well? You can just go to my discussion, Bored Reviews, which the link is right here:

If you submit, you will receive, one, a review, two, a like for your game, and three, suggestions on how to make it even better! You also can get a shot at making my official Game of the Week! Thanks, and like I always say:

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@grazer, I took another break to learn more about artwork. Id love to hear your opinion on the new style. Also, wanted to make it into a full length game with hours of fun! This platform deserves a name next to, or to even rival with, Rpg Maker!

Hey @leonknighte - welcome back! Happy to see you around again :slight_smile:

The new game is looking really good so far.