I remember

And @Crigence thats what most people said about ur ceitique too!!!

4 hours remain, I will start my video for my YT channel around 10 minutes after 6:00


Yeah, also sorry for not doing it when I said I would, my dad suprised me and my brother with a movie, gonna work on the vid now

I’m done with the video, I’m sorry to @meburningslime and @“Black Hyena Studios” but @simple_doge6 is the winner of the first Magma Game Jam

Lol gg

I cant find it on ur youtubs

Haven’t uploaded it yet @meburningslime I’m still editing, it will be out tomorrow

Damn, I was going to keepthat game if I won, oh well

yo @MagmaDude100, greetings from Flowjam! Just want to say good luck with your jam! While @“Black Hyena Studios” was making an, actually kind of cruel statement about my jam, he also informed me about your jam and I hope that it gets some more exposure! Good luck, and have fun!

Next Game jam will be starting on the 8th

Due to mourning, the game jam will be delayed a week


Yeah, its going to be pushed back a week


The theme of the next jam will be announced next Sunday

Sorry to hear about it man, I hope your feeling better

Thanks man

I wonder if anyone is still interested in the game jam (reminder, it’s starting next week)