[Maintenance COMPLETE] mobile app build server is [BACK UP]

The build server has died. I spent most of last night trying to revive it, but no dice - it’s toast :frowning:

The good news is that I bought a new one today, and am setting it up right now. I’ll post updates as I go, but until this work is complete, no mobile builds will process.

Once everything is set up, the queue should start processing, and everyone’s stuck builds will finish up.

Thanks for your patience.

Update: The new build server is installed and running. It will take quite a while to grind through the backlog of mobile app builds in the queue. I’ll watch it for a while, and check again in the morning (it’s about midnight here).

Please post here if you run into any trouble with mobile app builds.

I just deployed another update, the last one for tonight. The builds are running smoothly, so I’ll check in with them again in the morning.

oh, that explains a skele-ton of stuff! but for some reason, when I tested my game on mobile, the gravity was messed up. I took off all gravity, but when it exported it came back on mobile.

All games in the mobile app queue have been built at this point. If anyone has any mobile build issues or questions, let me know.

My app has been building for about roughly 20 minutes or so and I saw one of your posts. It said that it only takes a couple minutes but this is taking kind of way too long. Is it a bug?

the builder is not working for me, when I try to use the apk it says its unsupported.

Hey ztg5, it was working for you before, right? Can you post the exact error you see? Also, when do you get this error - is it when you attempt to install?

the download works, but when i go to update my amazon app, i put in the apk and it says it is supported on 0 devices.

How many devices did the previous version show as supporting? I’ll take a look at your APK file and see if anything looks wrong.

all amazon and android devices except the amazon fire tv stick but now no devices work @grazer

Hey ztg5, I just ran your apk through the Amazon test system here:


and it installed and ran fine on all the test devices.

I also investigated the manifest file bundled into the app, and everything looks fine - no changes there. Have you uploaded this app to the Google Play store as well, or just the Amazon Kindle app store?