Make an object appear if score reaches a certain number

Hi, Can`t seem to wrap my head around it, can anyone help me figure out how to make an object appear if the score reaches a certain number.

Here is the scenario, I an using collisions and number to go into a label to generate a score, I would like it so that when the score reaches 20 a door appears, I was trying with alpha and math eval but not sure how to get it going, any suggestions would be great.


I assume the collision is with a collectable object that disappears once you collide with it. If that is the case, this should work fine.

Also, note filter will ONLY fire off when you collide with said object. Which means once you reach 20, the object will only emit once, so you don’t have to worry about switches, once, or always triggers incase of multiple emits.

Thank you so much Muphins, that was very helpful!