Make an object move, then stop it when reached a certain position?

I need help with this.

To put this as simply as possible, this is my setup;
There are 3 vertical (that’s up and down, people) cables. The cables are spaced about 2 grid squares away from each other. Now, I want the player to continuously move (when left or right arrow key is pressed), but then stop when he hits the cable (the player will start on the middle cable). He cannot mover any farther than the right and left cables. So far, I haven’t accomplished this effect and I have been stuck on it for so long.

Was that simple enough? I tried to keep it brief because I know people have lives…

Again, if you feel that I need to give more information, DO NOT hesitate to call me out. Just make sure you provide your question so I can provide an answer.


try these: make an 2 invisible blocks that are at the end of the cables?
or the cables background and the sides solid?
the first solution was kinda messed up so i took another look at the main frame and retyped it

try to tell me the object of the game and how you think it should work.

if this solved your question. please tell me

you, are a genius…
I’ll try your second solution as soon as I get the chance and notify you if it worked.

Wait wait wait… What?
l l l
l l l

3 cables right?..
He starts on the middle cable…

l l l
l 0 l
And keeps moving left or right? [Always] — Number — Velocity (forward)
Left and Right — Flip and Flip Back

So you want them to stop at the left and right cables? Make invisible blocks on the outside of the 3 cables I guess.
[] l l l []
[] l 0 l []
[] l l l []

I mean… I don’t get what you’re trying to accomplish, but this is what I understood. Hopefully it helped.

thats what i said

Mhx, you are right for the most part.

I think what I didn’t mention is that you can MANUALLY move the player left and right. He’s not ALWAYS moving left and right. You just press the left and right keys to move.

You guys are correct on making invisible blocks to stop the player from moving outside of the cables. However, the player will need to stop on the middle cable as well. I just don’t know how I’d get him to stop on the middle cable when needed…I may have an idea, although you guys may have a simpler solution.

Wait wait… Are you just making ladders but ropes? If so, just make it so when you touch the ropes, gravity turns off.
Basically, turn off gravity for your player, then make an
always — 35 number — y motor
That will make your gravity.
Now make it so when you touch the ropes it sets 0 to set the y motor from 35 to 0, and have an always go to a number (+) and filter greater than 35 to set to 35.
If you understood me, gravity doesn’t drag you down on ladders when you touch it, but if you go off the ladder or rope then gravity increased from 0 to 1 to 2 to 5 to 10 to 35 in a few seconds. There’s other ways and easier ways but I’m not sure what you want.
I mean basically you could ignore all that and have it so holding up uses a -40 motor y when touching the rope by using an on/off switch. Thing is you still fall though, you don’t grab the rope.

I think this would be easier if you just played my game :stuck_out_tongue: I just need your okay, so I can PM you with the link. I’ll tell you what level to load, and what I’m trying to accomplish. It would be easier if you visually experience the awesomeness of my game.
So just tell me if you would like to help, or if it would be more convenient it someone else helped :slight_smile:

I mean sure I will look at it when I have time, but you may still need to explain better.
Post or PM me a link to the game.