Making a live number

I am testing out flowlab’s capabilities, how do I make a live stock? I am reusing my old stock code so it is a bit messy.

What are you doing? are you using random numbers or are you trying to show the real stock market?

I’m creating a fake stock market using my generator.

Don’t you just randomly generate numbers and put those through filters to get different chances of going up and down? (Some stocks might be better than others, that’s why you use filters)

Yes. But I want it to be live (Changes when no one is online and is the exact same on all computers)

Maybe use something with the clock behavior and expressions

So maybe if the day is even times a number by something like the day of the month/hour/minute then divide by some other factor to keep it random looking.

Is it able to run expressions and save to cloud while offline?

Trollcoin, lol

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When they enter the game the stock will update, you can’t see it while it’s offline so why would it need to? Are you adding it so it will sell off when the stock reaches a specific point?

I just asked a kid at my school for a random bitcoin knock-off name lol


I want everyone to have the same priced stocks.


If you use the clock behavior they will be the same (Unless it changes based on time zones)

Using the clock behavior with expressions doesn’t use random behaviors so it should all stay the same.

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Using something like a sigma curve would be good for this

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