Making a mario game

hey so i need help making a mario game so if you have ideas message me here.

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I can help ya out if you give me some details!

so i am trying to make stuff from other mario games and i need help making a piranha plant come out of a pipe.

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what you could do is have the pipe have a higher display order than the plant. and then just have the pipe at random intervals spawn a piranha plant. If you send me the game, I can help you further and more visually if you want.

can i send you it if i don’t have indle.

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Yeah! all you have to do is go to the ‘My games’ tab and click, copy share URL

it’s copied and the game’s name is mario units.

ok now, what you want to do is just press ctrl v and hit reply!

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so can you edit it now.

While I’ll be able to edit the game, the changes I make will not save. But! I can give you screen shots to help you!

screenshot coming soon!

make screenshots of the behavers what you can do is make a screenshot of the behavers and then go to upload sprite in the sprite editer and then click two times on the file that is the screenshot and then thats it.

You might want to make the chomper plant leaves a wee bit smaller than the pipe so it looks seamless. Just a tip!

so do you have any ideas if so take a screenshot of it go to the reply box and then click on picture frame and then you can add the screenshot to the post and then send it here .

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Here is your plant code!

And here is your pipe code!

So far, very nice game.
If you need any help just type @yogergitater and I’ll try to be there to help!
Good luck and happy coding!

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if i told you i was i kid would you be fine with it.

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Oh of course! nothing is more beautiful than a kid wanting to get into a hobby, and liking it for that matter!