Making a Running/Jumping/Crouching/Keeling Over And Dying animation. (Plead for Help. S.O.S.)

Okay, so I’m not sure which of the categories this belongs in, since I only joined yesterday, due to having a project in Physical Science (basically addicted to this site/program), the only issue is that there are no tutorials on making a animation for your game. I decided to wing it, and try figuring it out myself. The only problem is that there seems to be no overlay/onion (frame basically) when adding a new frame. This really confused me, as most animation programs have an overlay covering the original.

Is this a simple bug, or is this a little more advance? If there are links that show the process in making the animation, then feel free to let me know about it. Thanks for the help!

The animation editor on this site is extremely basic, unfortunately there is no onion skin overlay feature. All you can really do is click between the frames to get a sense for where the pixels should go. Hope this helps!