making a turret (enemy turret)

how to make a turret that is immovable and shoot bullets?

-create an object
-go to behaviors
-choose timer from “triggers”, make it repeat forever
-choose emit from “components” and connect with timer
-Make an object the turret has to emit
-Make that object movable
-Go back to the turret, choose emit, scroll down on “Object to emit” and choose the object you want the turret to shoot.

If you want it to aim at the player,

-pick proximity
-pick “pointat”

Set the proximity to the player and set the range of it to your liking.

Then connect the two things together. But make sure you match the inputs


I’ve made a game (it’s not done and I will never finish it :p). Do you want turrets like that?

how do you make it turn faster?