Making creepy games

so i want to make a creepy game so can someone help me with making one.

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what help do you need exactly?

making a creepy game

but how can we help?

making sprites for the game

ok, what sprites do you need?

a player and a monster

ok, do you have any ideas of how the player and monster will look like?

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yeah the player would look like a cleaner with a mop and the monster would look like a big bug.

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ok, i’l get to work!


here’s some sprites! i can animate them if you’d like

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here’s a better look

can you animate the player walking and sweeping.

ok, nice!

here’s the animations!
what animations will the monster have?

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walking and a jumpscare animation.

nice! do you want the jumpscare to be similar to games like fnaf or will the animation just be the monster killing the player?

monster killing player and can you send the screenshots of each frame of the player sprites

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ok nice! and yes i can send screenshots of the player sprites!

so now can you make a 2 frame animation of the monster and a 3 frame animation of the monster killing the player.