Making levels is INSANELY tricky. Anybody got ideas?

I’m making my game: Simulation, but it’s really tricky to make like LEVELS as in the puzzle type.
I’ve never really made puzzle games before and i’m not great at designing puzzles. Could anyone send a few sketches of level ideas please? It would help out a ton and I will give credit.

PS: I’ve never used the forums in the past since recently and just wanted to say a big thank you to people who reply to my posts and stuff :smiley:


For me to skecth out a few ideas id need a list of items you have, What your goal and Beginning is in each level, and What kind of view it is (2d, top down, etc) So if you could give me a list of those thing aswell as the game link that would helpp a lot! Also welcome to the forums! My name is baconcat and Im willing to help out when i can (so are a lot of other people alwell: Maniac Pumpkin, Hihilogic, and lots of others. Grazer is able to help aswell but I wouldnt @ him too much)

ok, thanks! heres the link: Flowlab Game Creator - Simulation

These are the functions of the game:

Pressing Q: Acts as a toggle between the real world and the virtual world. Movement in each world transposes to the other.

Virtual Blocks: Only exist in the Virtual world.

Reality Blocks: Only exist in the Real world.

Pushables, Pressure pads and doors. : May come in different colours. Can be pushed to make jumps or onto pressure pads to activate doors. (Perhaps coloured pushables go with coloured doors and pressure pads?)

Spikes: Kill you.

Flag: Next level

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One recommendation for your game would be to set your velocity to 0 when you stop moving. You can do this by using the up input into a number block with the value of 0 and then the 0 setting the velocity to 0 :upside_down_face:

also the view is 2d and the goal is to get to the next level (haven’t got a story yet but im working on it)

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ok i’ll try it :smiley: thanks!