Making Money off My Game

I’m having a lot of trouble selling my game, and putting adds on it, and just making a developer account for google. I really am not that tech savvy. How can I make money with my game?

If its polished enough you could put it on Steam or Itch. Ads are very easy and not that complicated. You could even embed the game into a site and put ads on the site. You have this revolution called

Lol thanks, I’ll do that! Thanks!

What specifically are you having trouble with, @Greggo?

To create ads, you need to sign up with AdMob here:

Once you create the ads there, you just ad the ids into your ad behavior block to show your ads.

I’m trying to get my game onto sites like steam, and the google play store. For me, game design is a dream I’m trying to pursue, and to make money off my game could help me get started in a career. I’m using Flowlab to get my feet wet.

I’m really having trouble just processing the steps I need to take to get my game to the public, but I just need some time to understand what I’m getting into and how everything works, that’s all. Thank you a lot, @grazer for your help.

@grazer what do you mean by creating the ads on Google play can you make a guide video of how to do this process

Hey @jt112211 - I’ll try to put together some sort of documentation to explain better how it works, but the basic steps are like this:

  1. Get ads working in your game just using the default test information provided.

  2. Once the ads are working the way you want, go to admob and create an account:

  3. In AdMob, in the left navigation panel click the Apps button, then “Add an App”

  4. Fill out your app name and information and click “Add”.

  5. You have to complete steps 3 & 4 for each additional platform (iOS or Android)

  6. Select either the iOS or Android App you created, and then click “Add Ad Unit”

  7. Select either “Banner” (small) or “Interstitial” (full screen) ad.

  8. Give the add unit a name and click “Add”

  9. After the Ad Unit is created, the next screen will have the App ID, and Ad Unit ID for the ad you just created. Copy these ids and insert them into your game in the Ad Behavior Block settings panel.

  10. In the Ad behavior, disable the “test” mode checkbox

  11. Re-Export your game, and you will now see actual ads instead of sample ad screens

Could you not also put up the game on steam after export and put a price on it?

@“The Kodex” that is also an option

Ok @grazer I followed your instructions how long until the test ads turn to real ones

Also should there be a space between IDs and does it matter which one goes first

@grazer ?

Do You Have To Have Paid Account To Access The Ad Feature?

Well you can add the block but you cant actually use it, cause you have to export the game for it to work.
Ads behavior only work on exported games.

Oh Ok Thanks

@jt112211 - There is no delay. If you export your game with the test mode disabled then only actual ads will be displayed.

I don’t understand the question about spaces between ids. There are four inputs in the Ad settings panel:

  • iOS Banner ID: this box is where you put only the id for your iOS Banner Ad
  • iOS Interstitial ID: this box is where you put only the id for your iOS Interstitial Ad
  • Android Banner ID: this box is where you put only the id for your Android Banner Ad
  • Android Interstitial ID: this box is where you put only the id for your Android Interstitial Ad

Only one ad id goes into each box, no spaces.

The other setting is “test mode” - uncheck this box and re-export your app to enable real ads to display

Does that clarify things at all?

Yes I will try it I have the always block as the trigger for a banner ad is that ok

I was putting both IDs the app id and the ad id in the Android banner setting that is what I meant if I needed a space between IDs

Just put one ad id in the banner slot

An always block for the trigger is probably not OK @jt112211

An Always trigger activates every frame, so your game will be attempting to display a new Ad 30 times per second. The ads will not actually display that quickly, but it’s still not a good idea. If it’s a full screen ad, you normally just trigger those once on game restart or level load or something. If it’s a banner, then you can display it with a once trigger.

Also this is what the ad behavior looks like in my Drive Nero.

You could fill it all in but I like to use different ad behaviors to control
the type of ad and when I want it.

ps; I blank the numbers to 0’s so no using my ad ID


@grazer the test ads still show in my game app the test box is off I’ve done everything is this how I should have it set up