Making things attached to each other

I am trying to make a game where you can have one person use wasd and one use arrows and try to make one person touch the floor but i cant make the 2 people attached. I tried using raycasts but that didnt work。

what do you mean by attached? If the players are different people why do they need to be attached?

Do you want to make sure they have to stay a specific distance from each other, so they can’t get separated by too much?

I am trying to make it like a game called get on top. You are pushing the other person on the floor.

Make their arms linked with something similar to a chain.
The link can be the same color if you want so you won’t notice it.

(btw I remember that game, really fun)

ok thanks ya my friends really like it so im making it for them

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It didnt work. I did what was in the picture and the blue on red is connected to the character.

do you mind linking the game? I’ve never actually done something like this, but I saw JR_01 had an example where he used this type of thing

ok, sorry i took so long to respond. Flowlab Game Creator - Throwdown I am only working on the arms for now.

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I tried something and it did not work.

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It needs to be a part of the player sprite, and the blue side needs to be surrounded by the red, like in the image.

Ok thats what i did with the arm except i made it red so you cannot see it. I am also going to make the head detached since that is the point of the game. I am going to try to make rag doll physics on the game.

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I found it out. I have to make a whole different thing that connects them.

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