Making your player follow the mouse?

OK so i’m making this game in which the character follows the mouse. I get how to do most of it but when i give the character the camera property it dose not work properly. Then i made it so that the mouse X and Y position =A and the character X and Y position =B. Then i fed that threw the mouse point and into set rotation. It still dose not work? i have no idea why it isn’t. Here is what i did in more detail:

In the mouse follow part i have the mouse X and Y set and go into two separate numbers, which then go out into the A and eval for two separate expressions.Each expression is A+B. Then for the character position i have an “always” going into an extract X and an extract Y from the players position. Then they go into two expressions which then go into the B for the over all mouse position on the screen. so what expression should go in each of the four boxes. i keep trying different thing but it just wont work.

here is a link to the game if you want to see it for yourself. i just started making it and this problem is a real pain:

If you add the scroll value to the mouse move value, it will behave like you want

So if i add the players position to the mouse position it should work? Because when i do that it dose not work. Can you have a closer look at it and tell me what to do more precisely?
Are you looking for something like this?

@dragolich - take a look at this one as an example, I think it does what you’re looking for: