Malware - Summer 2021 Flowjam Submission

Here is my game called malware. Although I gave it a good chunk of progress on the first few days into the jam. But then I was delayed halfway through because of irl events. So now I got the game to a finished state, there are still some stuff to be added like finishing the skin animations and adding a Gold Coin (Worth 10 instead of 1).

I wasn’t for sure what to do exactly, but when I looked at the theme and subthemes I decided that this would have been the best way to go. When I first made the game the current example for swiping was bugged and didn’t work to well, but I did manage to add swipe into the shop for cycling through the skins.
The main game requires you to tap, click (on the right side), w key, space key, or up arrow key to jump and then S key and down arrow key to use special ability. I added a lot of keybinds so the game could help fit for everyone.

Back to subthemes. I used Tap for the main game and Swiping for the store (not sure if it counts or not), random for random generating obstacles, and Can’t stop moving for the infinite running part. Not entirely sure if using two sub themes count or not, but oh well.

Anyway please leave any feedback or ideas for the game. I could use all the help I can get.
P. S. the game is still a work in progress so there might be some bugs.


Good job on this! I like how polished it is despite the setbacks!


this is nice. I like the music and transition screens.
sorry I don’t have much feedback, it seems pretty solid.

but naming the game malware is false advertising! why hasn’t the computer downloaded any viruses?! I demand a refund!


This was a lot of fun! I really like the vibe of it, and the particles are very well utilized! Not to mention the coins and bolts look cool. When I first saw one I was confused as to why the animation looked so good, so good work XD

I’m also not entirely sure for the subthemes. I mean, I’ve got “breakable” in, and left the other two out - although random could technically count, I suppose? It’s up to technicality, but you def got 2/3 at least for the subthemes.

And if there’s bugs in the game, I think that will add to the experience XD good luck!


I just realized that I do have breakable in my game. When you use your special you can destroy and yeet the obstacles away. I doubt that would count, but it’s kinda funny, lol.


Well, the glitch FX as well, I suppose. But it’ll depend on the extent of it lol I’m pushing that “brokenness” pretty far for mine, ngl


Wow, this is awesome, good job!

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After seeing many other flowjam games the best I can hope for is to get top 10, lol.


Great job on this game! I love the art and presentation of it! It’s very polished and shows what free users can do very well! The gameplay itself is a bit on the bland side but overall this had a fun feel to it and the 0 and 1 effects were super cool!


Same here :sweat_smile: there are some really good games this year!