ManiacPumpkin Presents - A Few Game Projects

So I have been quite active on the forums, but I really haven’t made many games except a complete disaster for the flowjam, lol. Anyway I had a new project in mind that I thought I might start working on in about a week.
Yes, school is starting up, but since I usually get my work done in school, I have a lot more time to work on games than I do at my house during the summer since I had to work. Since if you’re me and get work done you get a ton of free time and my school won’t let me play games or do anything else, so I just do flowlab.

My game will be a zombie apocalypse themed platformer where you awake in a bunker, (Maybe a Scepter Foundation bunker?) and the bunker will play as a basic tutorial explaining to the player that there is a hunger and thirst system. Although you don’t have any memory of the bunker or why you’re there, but escape seemed like an instinct. The game features working gun mechanics with reload and limited bullets. Which is a little hard to understand and it might bug out, but it works currently.
Once you escape the bunker your story starts where you must escape the desolate wasteland that has no organic beings other than zombies and mutant insects. You explore the world to find maybe radio parts to call for help? Not entirely sure what the final goal will be, but I have a few ideas.

I also have another game design which i want it to be based around a game called Buddy Simulator. Which I watched Markiplier play it and it seemed like a very interesting game. Although I wanted to make it maybe make it like a terminal and you are trying to escape something or find something through it, I only gave this idea a few thoughts since I got the main concept down, I really don’t know a goal or even why it would exist, but this idea is still a work in progress.

Hopefully I can work on these and maybe even release them when the flowcon starts up, If I haven’t been kicked out yet. And hopefully add some decent games under my name again since I really haven’t produced anything great other than Flee and its not one of my best games, lol.

I just realize I don’t really have a studio name, like rcreger has Plymouth Entertainment and Browngr has SpaceStation, and I don’t really have anything like that so its just gonna be ManiacPumpkin Presents for now, lol.

Anyway if you have any questions or feedback on these ideas then please let me know.

P. S. @_GAMOOG please don’t edit the title for whatever reason, lol.


Sounds like you have great ideas here! Looking forward to what you make :blush: