Many Ideas and/or Requests

#1: I have mentioned this before but collision via layers would be pretty cool, say you could have up to 3-5 layers and you could mark the objects as "only exsists on layer (1-5) or you could allow it to exist on all layers to make passing through physics much easier.
#2 is Directional collission: example: if you enter the door from the left you will be able to walk through it but if you try to enter it from the right it is solid.
#3 Color shading for sprite editor: being able to to shade the whole sprite in a certain color and allow you to change how intense the shading is.
#4: Sprite shrinking/enlarging, yeah i know you can use the behaviors for most of this but it would be very useful for the backround-or at least let backround have behaviors.
#5:Being able to activate or deactivate collision on via behavior blocks, same request for enabling rotation and affected by gravity.
#6: allowing animations to have individual collisions like the main object
#7 being able to copy/paste the ENTIRE object (keeping behaviors-sprite and animations)
#8 Fracture behavior, when something is say hit hard enough a random bit of the pixel is cut or “fractured” allowing for easy break command!
#9 Softness, allowing for easy slime effects
#10 Pin physic, makes it easier to make ragdoll effects.

These are all great ideas! About number 5, can’t you use the “Enabled” behavior block? Or do you mean being able to choose whether to activate/deactivate just the collision, or just the rotation, etc?