Map Game, Display Order and Hover sticking


I’m trying to create a simple drag and drop map:

When you click one of the icons on the left, a new one appears that you can then click and drag to where you want it. If you hover over the icon and press spacebar it will flip, if it’s a road it will rotate. If you drag it to the chest it will disappear.

My problem right now is that sometimes a building will remain on a higher display order than the one I’m dragging or visa versa. Does anyone know if there is a way for me to always put the item I’m click on top of the rest?

Also, I’ve set it for the mouse to have to hover and for spacebar to be pressed in order to rotate, but sometimes the hover will get stuck even after it is no longer on the item. Any suggestions?

I’ve been having a lot of fun creating this (is for a project with young students). If you have any kind of suggestions I’m open to it. I’ll be adding a lot more buildings in the future.

Thanks :smiley:

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Sorry, until display orders can be changed in-game, there’s not a way to do that to my knowledge without extremely advanced coding.
As for the hovering, try the “over” mouse input and a timer?