mario brothers on flowlab!

hello everyone!
i am a 12 year old belgian kid, and i have just make a game for fun. this game containt Co-op on 1 computer, 6 complete levels and some special levels. i am working on it for just 12 days and there will be MANY bugs in it, i am trying to fix it. for the Co-op arre this the controls: Luigi: C V F Mario: left right up. thanks for trying! link : also here is the bug list:

-mario/luigi keep walking right/left
-hit a enemy will not take any damage :slight_smile:
-picking up 2 coins fast will not increas the number total

  • layers will go wild on the screen
  • some blocks are invisible
    -and others…

some bugs can just not be fixed, i have to ask it to grazer. you could try to fix them in the editor, sometimes it works. also if you have questions/ideas, just leave a comment below.

nice work, it’s pretty fun already :slight_smile:

Thanks, your game creator is just fun!

actually is kinda fun tbh

this is a awesome game!!!

thanks! :slight_smile:

i have make a litle update, so now there will be original mario music in the game. enjoy the old sounds!

Ther ar SOME bugs fixed, take a look:
Now Enemy’s takes damage :slight_smile:
Now the most labels stay normal sized.
And if mario or luigi keep walking right, just double- tap the righ button!