Mario kart game HELP NEEDED

hey guys i need some help because i have free account and i need to make it multiplayer game. i realy need it

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Hello! Welcome to the forums.
What do you need specifically? Do you need indie?

yes that would be great

well,i mean it would be great because i want a multiplayer on the game

Hi, welcome to the forums. You can upgrade your account to Indie or any other plan here: Flowlab Game Creator - pricing info

Any plan will allow you to create an online multiplayer game and much more. :+1:

i cant upgrade it would be great if you could help

If you want a dev team, that’d be fine, but we can’t just give you indie, sorry. I’ll add you to a private messaging group that’s all about getting you a group.

i know basicaly every thing about flowlab pricing

i know you cant give me indie . i need help and i know indie people can give people permission to work on they’re game

what im trying to say is someone can make a new game then make it so i can edit and after that we can work together to make a msrio kart game but im on a free account so i cant do that stuff

Ye, somebody should be able to help you. I’m primarily on mobile for the foreseeable future, so I can’t help with that too much.