MASSIVE ISSUE with positions?

My game has an issue now, I haven’t worked on it in over a month, and almost everything in the game is by a 32x32 grid, so it has positions with expression making it stay that way, but now everything is 64x64 despite the code not actually changing.
So everything should be working totally fine, but it doesn’t

I don’t even know what to do, The entire game is formatted like this, aint no way I’m redoing anything.

I need help, BAD

It’s basically using the formatting for the game i’ve been working on now, doesn’t make any sense

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I can’t select the character from the start menu to select them.

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Just press U, Don’t know why that’s happening, just a save issue.
U on the keyboard unlocks all the towers.

I still can’t select any towers
Edit: only after clicking the magnifying glass I could select only 1 tower.

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Yeah not being able to select slots is a save issue, my slot save behavior is set to 0 and won’t select any. You should always use 0 as a default option for situations like this.

As for the placement of the object, I’ve noticed 2 issues.

  1. The math for placing the object at the mouse isn’t correct (in “.trash holo” and placeable objects)
  2. You have the same code for once → place are stacked on top of each other in some of the placable objects like mailbox.

Math should be use is Math.floor(A/32) for Grid Placements

I mean I’ve never EVER changed it, but I’ll try this, I remade the tower slot thing, and the last thing I did was try making it all one object instead of multiple, so I never finished and it’s bound to be flawed. Thanks for helping, I’ll get back later

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