Massive update on

Just in case anyone ever played my game before, here’s what I changed:
The rocket now moves around in the same speed (it used to get slower gradually)
The Trampoline now makes its first appearance on level 4 (used to be level 3)
Level 3 has drastic changes, basically the whole level was remade
Level 4’s “mazes” were destroyed, replaced with other things.
I’d appreciate suggestions, opinions, criticisms, or ideas to make the game better.
Have a great day! :slight_smile:

P.S. sorry that I used so many tutorial sprites.

Still very hard, nice job!

The control isn’t really that good. It’s too slippery and you can’t really stop moving forward while jumping, something that would really help make this game better.

@Myw thanks, it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it. :slight_smile:
@ Enderbronze54 Do you mean the whole game or the icy parts? The purple grass is meant to be that way, and the ice also. If you’re having trouble with the grass terrain and/or the blocks, I’ll consider elevating the friction.

You should make it so when you let go of the left/right arrow keys. Your momentum stops, it get really annoying. I can’t even make it past the first level

That’s either because the bounce is off or the friction’s not 100 (it’s set to 50). I really don’t want to do either, I’ll try to make the next game to match your type. Sorry for the inconvenience :frowning:

I changed the form of level 4. I wanted its theme to be “sky”, but due to the lack of objects I was not able. :confused: but it was changed anyway.

Hey… is it just my computer, or did the forum change its form?

Oh the forum has changed. Big time.

don’t even have this picture on my computer

Okay, I’m just holding a little vote here for suggestions: If I were to make 2…
1: Make it just like with new features
2: Make it easier. Too annoying. (In this case, how do you want it to be easier?)
3: Make it even harder!!!
4: Don’t make another one. I hate this game
5: Make it a bit differently (In this case, how?)

If you can, pls put the number of your choice in a comment (and if necessary, why you chose the number).
It will be greatly appreciated! :smiley:

Make it so you can cash in coins for helpful power ups! That would be fun. Make the 1st level easier than the others though, let players get a better feel for controls, you know? That would be cool

Thanks for the suggestion! Since shops cost a level, I can make the player press a button on the keyboard to activate a power-up for a short time or something. :smiley:

I’ll probably be making it in a week or so… just to make sure no.1 is good…

I’m bored… I’m making it now 2 is under construction! There will be 3 power-ups in total

However, the power-ups made the game far easier. Starting from level 2, the game difficulty will have to rise drastically.

DARN!! I have to remake all the sprites again!!

Here’s the link:

But now I’ve deleted it for space :frowning: