Massive update to Starblast

Starblast has received a major update. Its been a while since I’ve started on it.
But finally its over.
added and/or patched
-added a missing border tile in astroid/dodge mode.
-added saucer enemies, they only pay attention to one axis at a time and only move in straight lines
-added the ability to shoot in the direction your facing, just press SPACE.
-added skins to the game, you have 4 options but can unlock the 80’s ship (2nd option, and unlocked via highscore) adding it up to 5
-added HYPER MODE, has a crap ton of enemies and a complex grid, but must be unlocked via a good high score
-grid borders are now visible as checkered squares
To be added or considered

-Custom ships (I’m working on it)
-arcade mode exclusive enemies
-personal records, keeps track of your top ten scores and averages them.
-remastered graphics (neon or pixelated, depending on what the majority wants)
-hyper-mode exclusive enemies.
-local multiplayer

WASD-shoot direction specific
Space bar- shoot in the direction the ship is facing

And as usual, heres the link:

Any new gamemode ideas?

-also to be added

Epic arcade mode theme

Epic themes in general

Just added an arcade mode exclusive enemy: the rocket

It has a unique pattern. Try to learn it!

@grazer any ideas for me to improve?

Good game! :slight_smile:

Thanks @Luminous700

Once @grazer fixes the match rotation for attachers. Ill be able to create custom ships

i like it :smiley: