Max behavior feature

Hey @grazer - Is there going to be a max behavior. For example, if you don’t want a value going greater than 8 you can add a max behavior so that value won’t become greater than 8 or less than 4. You can also change the value of minimum and maximum of 4 and 8 to any value you please.


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You could just use 2 filter behaviors for less than 9 and greater than 3…, you can also do this into a single expression.

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@JR01, Ye but the filter won’t stop the value from going up or down. For example, only a value is allowed to go to 7 as maximum and the minimum is 3. The value wouldn’t go to a lower value than 3 or it won’t go at a higher value than 7. Filters only trigger when something is equal or less or greater. The max behavior stops you from going to 7 to a greater value or going less than 3.

Thats really confusing how you worded that, but I think I see what you mean. And its also why I said 2 behaviors.

Less than 9 (True) —> greater than 3 (True) --> = All numbers of 4 - 8.

You could also use the False output to 8 and False output to 4 to output the max or min if it isn’t in range.

You gotta daisy chain filters (or possible put it all into a single expression).


@R0CK, I just figured out how to make it into a single expression.