Max Witdth Label Feature Addon

I don’t know if this should be a feature or if there is something obvious I’m missing.
In my game I am typing out characters one by one (a common mechanic) and the max width feature adds the line returns when it is already capping over the limit. It makes the text kinda show up weirdly.

It’s not really that big of a problem

Are you saying that it moves over to the next line? So if you typed

“Hello World, how are
You today?”
But you want it to stop after “Are”?

If so, I recommend using the Text Length behavior to see how long the text is.

Nope, I’m saying the text is typing out slowly so it doesn’t know that word is too long until it does.

Ok so you’re using a List Each to type it out. After each letter you can check the text length. If you want I can give you a custom List Each that allows you to stop it and not need to use a Switch

… so you are basicly just making your own max width feature?

I made my own List Each because the current one doesn’t work properly when you input while it’s already outputting, but if you’re not doing that it isn’t needed.

For the Max Width, there is a behavior called Text Length. You can either check the length of the text that will be inputted or how long it is being outputted, when it is past how long you want it to be, turn a switch off so the text isn’t added.