Just tell me what I need to improve to the game and add to it.None of this “take this advice” stuff,just tell me what to improve/add.
Oh yeah and also,here’s a Stevemin skin:


This is… Terrible lol.

Not trying to be rude, but you do realize the game isn’t playable and you released it as a demo…


What am I supposed to accomplish? What obstacles do I have to overcome to get there? What friends or enemies do I meet along the way? None of this is addressed in your demo, and it should be. Develop your game and then release it. Consumers are not interested in your ideas, no matter how good they are. It’s the execution of them that really brings your game together.


Yes, exactly what I meant but mine sounded more negative-

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What are you supposed to accomplish by writing that fing rude comment?

how is it not playable

Constructive criticism, my friend. The questions I asked you are the questions you need to be asking yourself when you are designing your game. They are fundamental.


There is nothing to accomplish, therefore, it is not playable.

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Yall know there isnt supposed to be any goal in the demo right
It is neither supposed to reveal the story of the full game.

What is it accomplishing then? A demo is supposed to hint at the experience provided in the actual game. From the demo you provided, I have no idea what i am supposed to be doing. Exploring? There isn’t much to explore. Combat? There’s nothing to fight.

Like I said earlier, flesh out your ideas, build on them, make sure they are executed properly, and then release a demo.


You’re literally just supposed to walk around in the empty 2d boxes

The demo is only supposed to leak a TINY part of the story,which is Stevemin discovers the overdungeon.

Make sure you explain that better. Right now, that portal doesn’t work and, even though you are beginning the story, like you should, the demo isn’t fun. If people find the demo to your game to be boring, they won’t want to play the finished product either.

Give it vibrancy and color. Give it an atmosphere and life. Something for the player to get immersed in. Then, once Stevemin enters the overdungeon, you should establish enemies, dangers, and mysteries.

Your demo is your game’s hook. Make sure it’s a good one.


I understand.I will update the demo tommorow.


Well,I tried.

now that’s a minecraft!
[roll credits]


If you’re really trying to make a minecraft clone or something you could use the actual sprites from the game…

I ain’t gonna make a Minecraft clone,lol

Then what in the world is this.

A Minecraft game,not a clone tho.
Pretty obvious.