Meburningslime there is something wrong with him

make theories about this why people in his group thing are free account people now

where is he?

(This is about Meburningslime)

hello )22-2-2-2-2–2-2-2-2)

random thing (srsly what happened

Okay, this is what I pieced together. When he was at his most active state on here, he probable convinced his parents to buy Education and then lended it out to one too many people. After he was caught, he had to remove a lot of alt accounts, but left the main accounts like mine.

After a while he either got bored of flowlab, or he got in trouble some how and had to leave. Then his parents probably discontinued the plan since he hasn’t been on in a while and it was wasting money, little did his parents know that all of the people who shared his plan were using it and I don’t think meburningslime realized yet about this situation. At least thats what I think.

i like what you think

Although I do feel bad about talking about him, but you do prove a good point of what exactly happened to him, we don’t know if hes okay or not, but I’m assuming he’s probably fine. Just afk for a little bit. I used to leave for months at a time before rejoining, right now is the longest that i’ve ever stayed active. Although this all happened right before you joined so its been a while.

yeah i was at a vacay now imma home and got like so many hw

what would happen i didnt join