in my game, i want to have a menu where you can pause and/or save your progress. and when you come back to it, it will ask you whether you want to continue or restart. How do i do that?

wich object does it work on?

but i don’t see it in your example game

for now, i only saw the continue, restart, save, and pause have it

do you see it in my game?

its an update grazer said it was for subscibers only so rip


and you press something to open the menu

I dont have time to put it together right now until then my FRIEND here will keep you company:Screenshot 2020-06-23 at 5.44.00 PM


did you get a chance to do it yet?

ill do it today

ok thanks

I did it you can save your game but i couldnt really make it pause tho sorry but here my game:

hold on im working on continue and restart


thanks, i will look at it soon

can you click on labels?

or is that only possible for the actual object