Is there a way to make it so that when you click a button on the UI, a menu appears? thanks.

Yes, have you made the button and the menu?

yes i have

Alright, how do you want the menu to appear? Also could you provide a link

I want the menu to appear around the player

make a object in user interface and use alpha function in it.

@Mainfunctestalbois Wouldnt you still be able to click it tho? Since its just invisible

That is true, but I think it be better to move it off screen and the UI will keep it off screen and also separates it from the game objects. If you use it in the game world, then you probably want to spawn and delete.

If you use the UI, you can keep it off screen, I’ve made both examples Below.
Also I have an example that uses the similar math for UI objects and behaviors:

If you use the game layer and spawns:

If you use the UI Layer: