Message Feature Request

Please add a send all feature for messages

Would be useful tbh

How would this work? Do you mean send a message to all objects in the game?


Yeah I think so.

This is actually already possible if you make a parent object and make all other object its child, and send all messages to the parent so the child objects will receive it too.

An option in the message behavior would be easier to use though. Not sure what will happen when it’s about performance.

If we use the first option. The objects that are childs can’t have parents and it’s so much useless work in my opinion

Help me understand why this would be useful - it’s not obvious to me, since usually most game objects are usually just ground, level, or scenery blocks that have no logic. There may be a good reason for it though, and I’m just not seeing it yet :slight_smile:

I’m also a bit concerned that this could be a performance issue, since lots of games have many thousands of objects in them.

For me I think I would use for sending a message for everyone but only like 5 or 10 different objects would react.
Instead of having 10 messages behaviours it would be just one.

But I understand that maybe that could cause a lot of lag so its ok to don’t have it

@grazer in my case it would be invaluable. Say the player loses a life and teleports back to the respawn point- you want everything to react in their own respective manner. This would save you from making multiple message blocks and hunting the types down in the list of objects

Same reason for me as Crimson