Messages no working

I have a problem, So i’m making an upgrade system, but if you go through the steps of the upgrade, I can’t find a way to get the signal back to the tower, because I can’t send it to all, and the other styles of signals don’t work.

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Have you tried sending a message to the exact object? Sometimes by doing that it will just send one message to one object instead of all of the other objects.

The issue is that you summon the tower, to infinite extent. It’s a tower defence game.

Have you tried using a global?
Globals send to all objects that has the global with the same name.

That would still give it to all of that type

@The_KWASM - maybe you should post a link? I can’t really understand what you’re trying to do, but if you want to notify only specific objects you should use a message and if you want to notify all objects of a type use a global. I think this is the one.

Oh, its because you spelled salvaged wrong. In the tower it says salavge instead of salvage.

yeah, I get to use the message, but What I need is something like, an opposite of attached objects. like “Send message to what this is attached to.”
Because I can’t get a signal to the exact object, if it is spawned in the game.

Well, I think everything is correct except for the spelling. Which might be the problem, but then again it might not. I’ll keep looking around and see if I find anything else.

the problem is on the “Frost Beacon” it isn’t getting the signal “Upgrade” from the object “Range upgrade”. The spelling isn’t part of this problem

What was the range upgrade supposed to do, make the aura bigger? If so then I did get it working. I literally just changed the message back to just sending it to the frost beacon.

But if you play the game normally the frost beacon doesn’t have a name, so then it will send the signal to all of them.

Have you tried when you click on the upgrade it will send a message to the tower, then the tower will send to all attached objects. So the upgrade isn’t directly sending it to the aura, it will send it to the tower which will then send it to all attached objects. Hopefully that would send the upgrade message to the aura to get bigger.

Edit, no that still won’t work since it will just send to all towers, Hmm…

I give up (20202020202020)

I have an idea, how about instead of emitting a new frost beacon, there are about ten or so already made up and when you buy one it will attach (or extract) itself to your mouse so you can hover around and click where you want the tower to go. Then since it didn’t emit, you can give it a specific object name and hopefully solves the messaging issue.
Also I would probably do the same to the other attached objects as well so the entire tower is already sat up, it just needs to be bought and placed and a useful spot.
Other than something like this, I have no idea on what to do since this is a rather interesting and confusing issue.

I made it work, using enable

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