Messages Not Sending to Logic Box

Hey. I’m working on a pretty nice game right now code-named “Project Light” one of it’s many features is that you collect gems which then transfers the score (lets just say of 10 each) to a mailbox in a Logic Box built around every level. But for some odd reason, no messages seem to be sending to this logic box or any new logic boxes I’ve created since. Every other message is getting received in the game and all messages will send to previously built objects, but apparently not newly built ones. Could this be a glitch / is it only happening on my computer, or is there some sort of limit to the amount of messages that can be sent? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

Here is the link:

Hey BronzeSun,

I’ll look into this. Is there something specific I can look at in your game to see this problem occur?

Also, you may try running it in the new version of the editor, which you can access by appending “?v=2” to the URL, like so:

Lastly, you might want to consider not using physics (velocity) to move your player, and just updating his position directly instead. Here is an example of what I mean:

My best example (to see the problem occur) would be to look at the “gem” object to see that it clearly sends a message once the character touches it. But if you then take a look at the “LOGIC BOX” item you’ll see that it doesn’t receive the message instantly. (I’ve recently found it DOES eventually receive the message, but it takes quite a long period of time).

If I update, will everything in my game be saved? I currently only have the free version of the creator.

And thanks for your advice on the movement change. I’ll look into it.

Hey BronzeSun,

I’m having a hard time reproducing this issue so far. I do have a couple more suggestions though that may make your game run better and maybe easier to manage.

I suggest using the “Layer” button in the toolbar to put at least some of the background stuff in the background layer. For example, as one option, you could do this:

  1. Select the “background” layer, and fill up at least a single screen of grass tiles in the background.
  2. Go back to the main game layer, open your Scroll View behavior, and select the “repeat background” checkbox (The background will now always be filled with repeating grass)
  3. add any other objects to the main game layer

This will make the game run more efficiently, and be less work to build. Here is an example of what I mean:

its the mailboxes that wont work. so i suggest replacing them if they malfunction. Thats how it fixed

Thanks guys. It’s probably either an issue with my computer or the result of each level being so massive. In any case, the scores have been responding much faster now, and the problem seems to have just fixed itself over time.