Metro First Trailer (no music)

And if you read the glitching words it says “Newgames Presents…” and thats because it was a name i was thinkin but it more like a brand name IDK HOW TO SAY IT like Nintendo or maybe more flowlabish the name Newgames is like Viperteck and Plymouth and many others

‘flowlabish’ flowlabish? flowlabish- Thats officially my new favourite word.


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I couldn’t read the text at the beginning, it appeared too fast the colors weren’t distinct enough compared to the background to be able to tell what it said. Also the flashing colors during some moments kinda hurt

I personally :smirk: could read it and thought the flashiness added more athmosphere. Whatever floats you boat @Blackhole_1001

There’s no way you could read the text one the buildings at the beginning, unless you paused it for each thing.

The first text stays on for a few frames but the two things after just appear for 1 or 2 frames

i will fix it thanks fot telling me

oh the 2nd and 3rd text are supposed to be like glitching but not the first

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im fixing it

Its fixed @beanies_bugs @Agent_Y

the beggining is fixed

Oh wow, you can read that so much better now! Good call @Agent_Y . Great work @Blackhole_1001

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I can read now :astonished:

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