Mhx is Back!!

After getting a job and working nights, I haven’t had any time to even be on Flowlab for more than an hour.
Now I am back because my night shift is EVEN LATER, so I have til around 5pm to do stuff.
Right now I am working on Diamondsion Assault in 3 ways.
1.) Falling rock climb (I will probably hold off on this until grazer makes a better way to have elevation platforms)
2.) NEW Levels
3.) CO-OP PLAY!!!

That’s right!! Co-op is in the works, and along with playing as Mhx and Crystal on 1 computer,
there is going to be TEAM ATTACK abilities!! Right now I finished the Telewarp ability for Crystal Aero,
AND the Dual Blitz ability for Crystal to Mhx assist.
What you do is Telewarp under Mhx, and as long as you do that, he has twice the speed and jump power!!

Mhx - Up Left Right
Crystal - R D G Spacebar

Try the Co-op preview here until I can get a fully working Co-op mode in Diamondsion Assault.

Also if anyone needs help, ask me in the inbox or post in the forums.
If I can help you, I will :slight_smile:

Welcome back!

Something else I’m working on is co shoot. There seems to be a lag or something I can’t figure out, but basically, if you both shoot at the same time, you power shoot.
Right now, they both don’t shoot power shots at the same time, idk why…
L - Mhx shoot
K - Mhx run

S - Crystal shoot

Welcome back!

Yup, just like grazer saying welcome back to me XD

This was in January…

ik lol